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    Because currently the Callshop market in Europe is an area in full action, a fact, which is reflected in the continued increase in the number of callshops since 2002, and to meet this growing demand, Wanatel offers you a professional service to better manage your Callshop:

    With Wanatel you will have:

    • Great rates, competitive and unbeatable with best quality / price ratio, and with access to short numbers and 08.
    • Free hardware with a software simple and rich taxation features, it allows you to charge your customers reliably.
    • Premium routing, platinum and gold.
    • Sending a warning SMS from your balance every morning.
    • Specialized interface (to track your top-ups, pay online, check your bill, change your route ….)
    • A to recharge through: check, cash, credit card, bank transfer, money account

    Wanatel also provides you, telephone assistance and land sales department, as counselors who will listen to you every day from 9am to 19pm 6 days / 7.

    Today Wanatel is considered an ideal partner with over 900 payphones partners.