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    You are a call center and you want to overcome all the technical difficulties and constraints encountered in the management of your telephone platform (Network, IP, CRM, PBX ..).

    Wanatel offers: CRM Wanatel dedicated call center, a telephony solution over VoIP hosted in the Cloud, so you benefit from the many advantages of the latest technologies and trends in the field of telecommunication, fully at the service of your call center to have better quality,

    Wanatel CRM will allow you to better manage and customize your telephone platform and especially to master the controls, giving you the opportunity to:

    • Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of each of your business
    • Continuously monitor the quality of service
    • Manage reliably your incoming and outgoing calls
    CRM Wanatel represents a simple and economic Cloud solution that allows you to not worry about the technical constraints related to the management of your call center and at all times have a detailed view of your business.