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    Why registration is important?

    – It helps identify you via your mobile and fixed to manage your calls and your balance .

    Register done, what to do next?

    – You just need to wait for confirmation of your registration by email or text message containing your service numbers 01 85 93 9X XX

    How to join the network via Wanatel service number?

    – This number is composable from any phone or mobile network.

    – In addition, it will be free from a flat rate on fixed France. (Mobile or box package)

    What Next?

    – Once the Wanatel service You will then ask for the number you want.

    – Once the call begins, it will be charged to your balance Wanatel .

    callback service number, what is it?

    – The second number provided, the callback is a pager number to .

    – This is then Wanatel that remind you to put you in touch with your contact.

    – Wanatel will charge the established call to your correspondent + the cost of the call to reach you anywhere in the world .

    What do I remember?

    – your starting balance is 1euros .

    – You can recharge your balance at any time via your account .

    – A customer service is available free of charge 01 85 93 01 02 .

    – No time limit to consume your balance recharged .

    – No subscription, no obligation .