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  • Internet and fixed telephony in the lead business spending in 2012

    The sales of electronic communications operators to companies totaled 11.4 billion euros in 2012, according to the observatory in 2012 the market for electronic communications ARCEP.

    Of this, fixed telephony and internet access, with 4.9 billion, accounted for the largest item of business spending, to mobile services (although it is clearly the opposite for the general public).

    Capacity services (leased lines leased to operators) accounted for € 2.7 billion for 680 000 links dedicated to data transmissions.

    For fixed telephony, the number of subscriptions (Business) was 9.5 million at the end of 2012, a quarter (24%) of the total fleet. Compared to 2011, the number fell by 3.7% or 370 000 subscriptions less.

    Adoption by IP telephony companies continued volume subscription (+ 5.8%). However, their share was still significantly lower than for the mainstream market (18% of telephone subscriptions against 68%).

    Mobile: some companies use SMS to communicate

    For mobile, the number of lines “companies” (12.3 million end of 2012) represent about 17% of the total SIM card Frace park, one point more than in 2012 and 19% of revenues in 2012 (18.2% in 2011).

    Consumption structure differs from that of residential customers. Voice communication takes

    Indeed, a more important place for customers “business” than for the “general public”. More interesting, unlike the latter, companies hardly use SMS as a means of communication.

    The number of traditional subscriptions “voice” and “voice / data” companies (6.5 million end of 2012) which progressed each year from 300 000 to 400 000 per year was virtually stable end of December 2012 (130 000 cards only in relation the previous year)

    ARCEP also notes the sharp increase in SIM cards “Machine to Machine” in recent years (+ 39.2% in 2012). Their total number reached 4.7 million cards in circulation in 2012, a significant portion provevant the professional market.