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  • Roaming: a quarter of Europeans traveling in the EU turn off its mobile

    In a survey of 28,000 people, a clear majority of Europeans reduce their mobile phone use when traveling abroad. The European Commission, which oversaw the investigation, blames the high prices of mobile roaming (roaming), to explain the “Malthusian” practices. the survey found that 28% of people traveling in the EU off their mobile phones when traveling in another country than their own. Only 8% of travelers use their phone abroad to make a call as they would in their country

    The results are slightly better for SMS: send 2 of 10 from abroad as they would in their country. The survey, however, reveals that a quarter of travelers never send SMS from another EU country.

    Finally, the uses are more restrictive for mobile Internet that 47% of users would never use when they are in another EU country. Only 1 in 10 of those surveyed Europeans would use the email exactly as he does in his country and 1 in 20 when it comes to using social networks.

    French operators have reacted on the free roaming in Europe

    Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, lamented this fact: “I am appalled by these figures. Consumers will drastically restrict the use of their phone, it does not matter for businesses. ”

    Brussels hopes that a consumer has the right, from mid-2014, leaving his national operator when traveling. He would buy cheaper roaming services with a local operator in the country where he goes, or competitor in its country of origin, without changing SIM card.

    Anticipating this future competition, the French mobile operators have started to include free roaming in Europe in some of their packages. They want to prevent their subscribers are canvassed for roaming rates cheaper than theirs.